Crossover Film: Diaspora and Intercultural Cinema

The first thing is “Diasporic Media”- an important part which can play the role of helping socialize migrant communities in to their new environments and familiarizing them, in a less intimidating way, with the host country. Moreover, they have the potential power which advance and improve the confident of individual citizens and communities, so that it can strengthen to reach and take part in produce media. Continue reading “Crossover Film: Diaspora and Intercultural Cinema”

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The Power of Music

It can be deny that music have their own voice and power. Music can make people be happy, but also sad. It’s strongly show not only for happy but also the pain. For the topic of “Music and Resistance”, the powerful of music displaced the pain of people. It can be said that the word on a song is powerful more than just this word. Continue reading “The Power of Music”


Assessment 1: Analogue Coding Exercises.

Sol Lewitt: Instruction and Procedural Action

“I wasn’t really that interested in objects. I was interested in ideas.” Lewitt (The Art Story)

Wall Drawing #1136, one of the work of Sol Lewitt- the American conceptual artist, is a colourful by both curved and straight solid bands of colour, with the basic colour, by the way separate two types, which is primary with red, yellow and blue, another one is secondary which is consists of green, orange and purple, colour addition with grey. Continue reading “Assessment 1: Analogue Coding Exercises.”


Can social media contribute our personal?

 Internet has enabled people to connect and communicate with not only one’s family, but with people across the world. 

Once upon a time, people are living with their real life and based on their action also their behavior with other people on ‘REAL LIFE’. However, nowadays, everything has changed. Why did I say that? Because, if I have to say, I thought that the way new generation(also included me), have some disadvantages aspect. Continue reading “Can social media contribute our personal?”


From citizen journalism to Collective intelligence

Stepping into a 21st century, with the strong develop of life, people nowadays required a high standard living which is not only finance but also the lifestyle- social media- is one of the most widely- enjoyed in all around the world. In other words, social media help people to broaden their horizon, for education, life, work and too many other things. Continue reading “From citizen journalism to Collective intelligence”



Yuma nakamura, Atlas of Japanese Ostracon(Kitaama Igano, Minamiawaji-sji, Hyogo).

  1. Describe the works: what are the components that make up the exhibit (e.g. still photographs, video stills, screen works, sound etc.)

This exhibition showed the pieces of ancient pottery and ancient book and pictures which are placed in the glass table and also included screen works with sound. Continue reading “EXCURSION ACTIVITY WORKSHEET”

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Digital Artefact- Annotated Bibliography-An opportunity to Do It YourSeft

In this Post of this week I will aggregate both of my completed product called “DIY” handmade things that I already found from some sources and then expanded my ideas.

  1. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/124060164713864823/

Almost my ideas to “DIY” is from Pinterest and Youtube video tutorial. Based on these guide I can easy to make or find the material to expanded my idea. Such as when I do not know what materials they used to make wood stick together. After watched some videos I realised they use “Glue gun”. Continue reading “Digital Artefact- Annotated Bibliography-An opportunity to Do It YourSeft”