It’s not the Media’s fault!

The purpose of creating media is for entertainment, to send meaningful message of life, family, socity or get benefit for education and even improve health.


(Image source:, Hang Pham)

But, in my opinion, the way people use wrong purpose for advertisement or worse aim to earn money and it leads to the current anxieties for other people who affacted by media.

For example, facebook was made for entertainment, keep in touch with family and friends or share news, pictures for other people who live far away from you. However, the way people use and addicted to it, or they can’t manage their time, this is definately not media’s fault.


(Image source: Pes Maternelle)


( Image source: Jimake)

We already known that addicted on something is because of we can not control ourselves. For example, if we do not want to check in Facebook, nobody or even media can oblige us.

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( Image source: Addiction treatment)

General, everything always have 2 sides, it’s not all the media fault because media can not know what is wrong and right, only people know clearly about that.