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Television – Past & Present

Remebering the television in the past, I just remenber we had a time that used the antenna. Whenever the weather bad or have heavy rain, it often influenced the antenna, and make the screen of television become bad quality or even cannot watch anything. But then, antenna replaced by optical fiber (or cable television). Continue reading “Television – Past & Present”

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~Reflection ~ BCM212~

This is about information that I apply from what I learned, in each week’s topic, I illustrate the thing that I realized or based on this, I a used for my research and how I think about this.

  1. Curiosity: I’m using curiosity to attracted people who have interested in Korea’s entertainment or the cultural of Korea, also apply for the title of each post I uploaded on my individual blog WordPress and twitter.

Continue reading “~Reflection ~ BCM212~”

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Copyright? Is it right?



A long time ago, people invented something and use together. On the other hand, some products until now such as phone, TV, radio we have to pay for it. Of course, we did. Because this is a result of a long effort and creative to make something special for the human’s life and to help the world.

But I want to talk about the definition of Copyright. So what is Copyright?

According to Ryan Molton, “the exclusive right of a creator to exploit a literary, musical, or other artistic work. whether it be recorded in the form of print, audio, or otherwise.

You can see more in here.



About Me

My name is Han Vo, you can call me ‘Han’. I used to think about an English name, but I feel so confused to choose one, hence, I decided to keep my real name because I think it’s not too difficult for everyone to call me. However, sometimes I feel my name such like the word ‘ hand’ in English ( of course not the meaning ).

I was born in September 12th,1995 so I belong to Virgo(♍). I come from HoChiMinh city, Vietnam. I decided to study abroad because I want to find myself, a little bit strange, but actually, I want to follow my dream, I want to give up everything I used to study in my country and start something new in my life which I dream about. Finally, I chose digital media, however, until now I am not sure how does its look like, but I will try and loved it. If I even don’t try, how can I know what is it, right?

Here’s more about me:

♥ I love “DIY”, especially felt plushie.

♥ I also love to organize and decorate my room, work-desk

♥ I am a big fan of music (I used to learn how to play piano but already given up ). Last week, my mom sent me a Ukulele, so now I am studying it online.

♥ I’m addicted to sour fruits such as guava, green mango, plum (but Vietnamese’s plum).



  This is Vietnamese’s Plum

♥ I love to learn Japanese, I already studied 3 levels of Japanese in my country and I also bring Japanese book when I came to OZ, however, until now I don’t have enough time to continue . I just knew a little bit Korea because I watch a lot of Korea films.

♥ Sometimes, I’ve a little crazy with my close friends but also very shy with others people, especially strangers and new friends. Therefore, I feel really nervous when I go to school these days . Hope I can find a friend to talk…..