Assessment 2: Computer Coding Execises – MEDA102

Based on operating instructions from 5-8 weeks, my reasearch and completion of “processing” outline is a static. My idea is from the “196 carres, 197” of Vera Molnar’s artwork. That lots of Squares which change the colours fromt he bottom. Therefore, based on this task, my graphics processor also changed the colour from top to bottom, hoowever, I chose the colour that I like. Continue reading “Assessment 2: Computer Coding Execises – MEDA102”


Assessment 1: Analogue Coding Exercises.

Sol Lewitt: Instruction and Procedural Action

“I wasn’t really that interested in objects. I was interested in ideas.” Lewitt (The Art Story)

Wall Drawing #1136, one of the work of Sol Lewitt- the American conceptual artist, is a colourful by both curved and straight solid bands of colour, with the basic colour, by the way separate two types, which is primary with red, yellow and blue, another one is secondary which is consists of green, orange and purple, colour addition with grey. Continue reading “Assessment 1: Analogue Coding Exercises.”