Yuma nakamura, Atlas of Japanese Ostracon(Kitaama Igano, Minamiawaji-sji, Hyogo).

  1. Describe the works: what are the components that make up the exhibit (e.g. still photographs, video stills, screen works, sound etc.)

This exhibition showed the pieces of ancient pottery and ancient book and pictures which are placed in the glass table and also included screen works with sound. Continue reading “EXCURSION ACTIVITY WORKSHEET”


Rainy Day at area 25-Sound Project ( Audio Snap-shot) MEDA 101

My area- 25,at Hopewood Crescent, Fairy Meadow, is a quiet place which make me feel like I’m lost on a country road, but more modern.I did not find any unfamiliar or unusual sound cause it’s a quiet place, with a lot of house was built by not only vintage but also modern style. When I came exactly to my location then sat on the grass, it started to rain.Rain, birds and cars’ sound, which are familiar sound but I do not know why I feel like relaxed and had a peace of mind.However, because it rained so this quite place became a place that has rain sound. This is the reason why I use “ Rainy day” is a name for my sound project.This place does not have any special sound expect the peaceful, so I wonder if living in a hurry’ lifestyle, how many people can sit down just to hear this normal sound and feel peaceful?