Can social media contribute our personal?

 Internet has enabled people to connect and communicate with not only one’s family, but with people across the world. 

Once upon a time, people are living with their real life and based on their action also their behavior with other people on ‘REAL LIFE’. However, nowadays, everything has changed. Why did I say that? Because, if I have to say, I thought that the way new generation(also included me), have some disadvantages aspect. Continue reading “Can social media contribute our personal?”


From citizen journalism to Collective intelligence

Stepping into a 21st century, with the strong develop of life, people nowadays required a high standard living which is not only finance but also the lifestyle- social media- is one of the most widely- enjoyed in all around the world. In other words, social media help people to broaden their horizon, for education, life, work and too many other things. Continue reading “From citizen journalism to Collective intelligence”

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Digital Artefact- Annotated Bibliography-An opportunity to Do It YourSeft

In this Post of this week I will aggregate both of my completed product called “DIY” handmade things that I already found from some sources and then expanded my ideas.

  1. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/124060164713864823/

Almost my ideas to “DIY” is from Pinterest and Youtube video tutorial. Based on these guide I can easy to make or find the material to expanded my idea. Such as when I do not know what materials they used to make wood stick together. After watched some videos I realised they use “Glue gun”. Continue reading “Digital Artefact- Annotated Bibliography-An opportunity to Do It YourSeft”


Transmedia Storytelling: Just a diversity version of media.

Regarding to the next topic of this week, this is about Transmedia Storytelling. As an international student, this is a new word and new information for me, but of course, this is NOT the NEW MEDIA. However, maybe now I can explain by some examples which also the definition of this media à “ Transmedia Storytelling”. Continue reading “Transmedia Storytelling: Just a diversity version of media.”


This is for Craft & Digital Making

The topic of this week is Craft and Digital making. So first I want to mention about the definition of what is craft and digital making. In my opinion, if we decided into 2 part, one is Craft making and another one is Digital making, it means, something we make it by hand or handwork but it also has the high technique which is digital.

In another word, because we called it Craft so that it need to include creative product which also have digital and we making this so that it’s become – Craft and digital making.

Here are some videos that I found on Youtube for example which concern with this week’s topic:


We are now living in the 21st century, which is modern and high developing of technology equipment so that people nowadays required the life have to more creative. So the product which is made by handwork ( craft) and also have high technology ( digital) will have more attractive. As my personality, I will give more example in my experience is Japanese music. As you already known, a song by a person is just simple, but in Japan, they have the programme that it can sing a song with great melody and voice. This video below will show you more about this:


Be an intelligent Audience of Media!


Sources image: ph-creative.com


Stepping into the 21st century, we are now easy to become an audience of media by some simple ways. The reason behind this is the fact that if you just click to watch the news of pages on facebook, you already became a media audience of this website. By the another simple example, the person who received information or follows social media is a media audience.

Moreover, because of the significantly increased of media convergences, we are not only become an audience of media but also, media can change our thinking, our generation.

Sources image: Brandchemistry.com.au

In addition, if we cannot control ourselves on media, we can become addicted because we depend on media technology too much.

Because of this, so some tabloids and drone Journalism can take advantages of people. So that we need to precise enough to become a good reader, good audience when we received a new or an information from media.


I also ♥ GADGET



Facebook is now becoming the most popular social media in the world. It does not only help people easy to connect with the world but also get benefits for human’s life. For example, as an international student, although I have to live far away from home, from my country, however, thanks to Media, I can always online, in other words, I can easy to keep in touch with my family and friends. Moreover, just based on 1 media platform is Facebook, we can study, work, I mean we can do a lot of things. For instance, students can find some education page to improve study, women can learn to cook by tasty page, the company can also advertising. In addition, some people already create a study group to discuss so that they can access more information. Recently, facebook now already have the video call, so that we do not need only facetime which just only apple can use.

Click Here to watch my video 🙂



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Copyright? Is it right?



A long time ago, people invented something and use together. On the other hand, some products until now such as phone, TV, radio we have to pay for it. Of course, we did. Because this is a result of a long effort and creative to make something special for the human’s life and to help the world.

But I want to talk about the definition of Copyright. So what is Copyright?

According to Ryan Molton, “the exclusive right of a creator to exploit a literary, musical, or other artistic work. whether it be recorded in the form of print, audio, or otherwise.

You can see more in here.