Crossover Film: Diaspora and Intercultural Cinema

The first thing is “Diasporic Media”- an important part which can play the role of helping socialize migrant communities in to their new environments and familiarizing them, in a less intimidating way, with the host country. Moreover, they have the potential power which advance and improve the confident of individual citizens and communities, so that it can strengthen to reach and take part in produce media. Continue reading “Crossover Film: Diaspora and Intercultural Cinema”

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The Power of Music

It can be deny that music have their own voice and power. Music can make people be happy, but also sad. It’s strongly show not only for happy but also the pain. For the topic of “Music and Resistance”, the powerful of music displaced the pain of people. It can be said that the word on a song is powerful more than just this word. Continue reading “The Power of Music”