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Television – Past & Present

Remebering the television in the past, I just remenber we had a time that used the antenna. Whenever the weather bad or have heavy rain, it often influenced the antenna, and make the screen of television become bad quality or even cannot watch anything. But then, antenna replaced by optical fiber (or cable television). Continue reading “Television – Past & Present”

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~Reflection ~ BCM212~

This is about information that I apply from what I learned, in each week’s topic, I illustrate the thing that I realized or based on this, I a used for my research and how I think about this.

  1. Curiosity: I’m using curiosity to attracted people who have interested in Korea’s entertainment or the cultural of Korea, also apply for the title of each post I uploaded on my individual blog WordPress and twitter.

Continue reading “~Reflection ~ BCM212~”


Second steps for the Hallyu- Korean Wave

  • Here are some sources which help me conducted my survey. In other words, after reading these sources, I created focus question in the survey which is collected the information of participants.

In the early 2010’s. the expansion of South Korean popular culture around the world is led by popular music, usually known as K-pop. In this paper I seek to answer two questions. First, what are the sources of its success beyond the South Korean national border? Secondly, what does it say about contemporary South Korean society and culture? Continue reading “Second steps for the Hallyu- Korean Wave”


Cameraless Film Project

The idea of my cameraless film just came out when I saw these tolls which can cut the heart and star symbols. Hence, I decided to cut in an orderly manner, from the bottom to the top, and continue to make the other side but with the opposite direction. Then, I want to use the green and red film to make the background changing their colour, however, it was random so I tried to put the heart and star symbols in an orderly manner which can make it become arranged. Based on Meda102 which I already joined, I used the repetitions of this course’s idea to edit the final video. I tried to keep the heart and star symbols repeat but with difference speed, sometimes it plays fast and then the slow-motion  created a cool effect ( I think 🙂 ).

When it comes to how connect the materials and ideas are, the meaning of how the heart and star symbols connect together is the same. Although this is an catchup idea, however, when in the process of execution, I believe ‘heart which brings love, star will brings hope’, these things important to life. The film that I make with these materials which brings the idea to me, brings to me the inspiration of film making, which can send the message, send the meaning through the footage.


Please Stay Tuned -IF- You are a big fan of Hallyu Wave – It’s Coming

When it comes to ‘Korea’, almost people will think about drama, fashion, beauty and cosmetic … Moreover, thanks to the ‘curiosity’ of other people around the world, the ‘reflexivity’ of those people about ‘Korea’ is an ‘industry of entertainment’ which created the ‘Hallyu’ wave.

The purpose of this project is to know how ‘Hallyu’ wave affects student who studies at the University of Wollongong. In addition, it seems to me that student who come from Asia areas such as Vietnamese or Japanese are more influence than Western area. However, I believe that there are too many fan of Korea who in this BCM212 course. If you are a big fan of them, please let me know :). Continue reading “Please Stay Tuned -IF- You are a big fan of Hallyu Wave – It’s Coming”


Assessment 2: Computer Coding Execises – MEDA102

Based on operating instructions from 5-8 weeks, my reasearch and completion of “processing” outline is a static. My idea is from the “196 carres, 197” of Vera Molnar’s artwork. That lots of Squares which change the colours fromt he bottom. Therefore, based on this task, my graphics processor also changed the colour from top to bottom, hoowever, I chose the colour that I like. Continue reading “Assessment 2: Computer Coding Execises – MEDA102”