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Television – Past & Present

Remebering the television in the past, I just remenber we had a time that used the antenna. Whenever the weather bad or have heavy rain, it often influenced the antenna, and make the screen of television become bad quality or even cannot watch anything. But then, antenna replaced by optical fiber (or cable television). The cable television is better than the antenna and have more channels. In my country, thanks to the optical fiber, we know Disney channel, which have a lot of the animation and entertainment shows of the US. So that, nowadays, children in my country can easy to learning and studying English through many foreign channels.


Moreover, in the past, we- family together – waiting for the exactly time the entertainment show performed, however, recently, instead of television, we can watch on smartphone, laptop or other mordent equipment anytime we want, and because of this reason, we have less time watching television together and this is exactly the reason why I feel technology separate us.


Image sources: Google.

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