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~Reflection ~ BCM212~

This is about information that I apply from what I learned, in each week’s topic, I illustrate the thing that I realized or based on this, I a used for my research and how I think about this.

  1. Curiosity: I’m using curiosity to attracted people who have interested in Korea’s entertainment or the cultural of Korea, also apply for the title of each post I uploaded on my individual blog WordPress and twitter.

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  1. Reflexivity: People often focus or attracted by something that they like, so if the topic related to what they like, it might make them want to figure out.
  2. Socially responsible research design: When doing the survey and decided to choose the topic for my research, my project, the person who is the stakeholder, my target is the person who has interest in Korea aspect. So if my research involves other people, they will experience this by the way how they know about Korea’s entertainment. In other words, they will experience by themselves. It seemed like a quiz which helps people realized how they discover Hallyu- Korean Wave. As a result, although it was just 11 participants in my survey, and moreover, some of them don’t know too much about Korea but think it – my survey- might affected this person because they might ‘curiosity’ after doing my survey, then figure out about this?
  1. Critical Judgment
  2. Accountability: In this aspect, due to ‘Protections for privacy and confidentiality’, so I found a safety website to create the survey. Moreover, avoiding to ask the personal information because I think it is the private individual information. Using this way to protect my participant. In addition, according to the lecture ‘the relationship between researchers and research participants is the ground on which human research is conducted and the values set out in this section – respect for human beings, research merit and integrity, justice, and beneficence – help to shape that relationship as one of trust, mutual responsibility and ethical equality’ so I determined using security equipment such as ‘Survey monkey’ which is good at secure although it’s limit the question.
  3. Respect
  4. Integrity: According to Integrity, although the result of my survey was not good as I expect, however, I still select to use it and find evidence which is suits my topic and describe
  5. Flexibility: I used it in the result of my survey. In other words, even it was not a good result, but the way my purpose going is still continuing. It means I can use the unexpected result to make another statement. There is no doubt that I ‘Fail to plan’ and ‘Plan to fail’. I definitely fail what am I planning, the result should have more participants or my participants know about Korea’s entertainment industry. As a result, the topic of me ‘plan to fail’. On the other hands, although the result is not what I was expected, however, I realized that I have to find the topic which is suitable with not only the interesting but also the cultural background, and have to research or obviously people- the target that needs to join in the topic.
  6. Creativity: After research and read the resources that I found and chose it, I conducted to the creative way that using my topic to know how UOW’s students – especially students who study BCM212 subject- interesting in or care about Hallyu Wave or just the Korean’s entertainment industry. For instant, asked them do they have interested in Korea’s entertainment. The reason why I add the question ‘Has K-pop/Korean fashion influence the way they dress?’ is that, if a person who really a big fan of Korean, at least they will be affected by Korea’s fashion, this is the way that can show how much a person addicted to Korea.
  7. Negotiation: There is no doubt that I used the open questions which can answer by themselves to know clearly how much my participants knows Korea’s entertainment. In my opinion, this is a way to negotiation without using ‘face-to-face’ with my participants.
  8. Insight
  9. Communication

Using social media such as Twitter and WordPress is the way I am communicating with other people.

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  1. Professionalism

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