Cameraless Film Project

The idea of my cameraless film just came out when I saw these tolls which can cut the heart and star symbols. Hence, I decided to cut in an orderly manner, from the bottom to the top, and continue to make the other side but with the opposite direction. Then, I want to use the green and red film to make the background changing their colour, however, it was random so I tried to put the heart and star symbols in an orderly manner which can make it become arranged. Based on Meda102 which I already joined, I used the repetitions of this course’s idea to edit the final video. I tried to keep the heart and star symbols repeat but with difference speed, sometimes it plays fast and then the slow-motion  created a cool effect ( I think 🙂 ).

When it comes to how connect the materials and ideas are, the meaning of how the heart and star symbols connect together is the same. Although this is an catchup idea, however, when in the process of execution, I believe ‘heart which brings love, star will brings hope’, these things important to life. The film that I make with these materials which brings the idea to me, brings to me the inspiration of film making, which can send the message, send the meaning through the footage.

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