Please Stay Tuned -IF- You are a big fan of Hallyu Wave – It’s Coming

When it comes to ‘Korea’, almost people will think about drama, fashion, beauty and cosmetic … Moreover, thanks to the ‘curiosity’ of other people around the world, the ‘reflexivity’ of those people about ‘Korea’ is an ‘industry of entertainment’ which created the ‘Hallyu’ wave.

The purpose of this project is to know how ‘Hallyu’ wave affects student who studies at the University of Wollongong. In addition, it seems to me that student who come from Asia areas such as Vietnamese or Japanese are more influence than Western area. However, I believe that there are too many fan of Korea who in this BCM212 course. If you are a big fan of them, please let me know :).

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The number of foreign tourists visiting Korea because of the Korean Wave has increased steadily and the cultural phenomenon results in increased purchase of the related product such as cosmetics, fashion, and Korean cuisine by foreign customers (Yu et al., 2012).


Regarding justifying the question of the project, almost questions will about how Hallyu affect them such as the hobby, fashion or lifestyle.

Personally, I am an addicted ‘Korea’ person. I was affected by not only fashion but also the favorite music and sometimes it also affected my life. In other words, I feel the drama of Korea influences my feeling on some aspects. Moreover, they can be transmitting the meaning by their films. Furthermore, ‘Hallyu’ wave is one of an important element which helps not only the economic of Korea develop but also attract the tourist. So this is why I feel interested in this phenomenon. The following fan-my friend who lives in my country is the person has developed and supported me as a thinker and researcher. She also addicted to ‘Korea’, moreover, she studies Korean just because she is a big fan of their music band. Because of this reason, she also read and find a large of information about ‘Hallyu’ wave which influence to not only ‘Korea’ people but also other people in all around the world who interest in the Korea lifestyle.

The way that I will indicate my likely approach is that observe people around me and I will ask them for the survey if they interesting in the topic. Moreover, I will try to the suggestive curiosity that does they know about ‘Hallyu’ wave which helps Korea develop and widely-enjoyed like nowadays. From my point of view, because of ‘reflexivity’ who do not know will feel surprising and they will google for the information to know why it can be that strong. Some of the question that I may ask the interviewer are:

  • Are you a fan of Korea (music band or actor,actress)?
  • Do they affect you? On which aspect? (To me, this is maybe their fashion).
  • Do you think that Hallyu wave helps Korea earn reputation on ‘Communication and Media’ aspect?

Another opinion of me which can not influence to ‘Hallyu’ wave or even the topic, however, I can understand why all the film (movie, drama) need to have a trailer. A trailer not only to introduce or advertising but also can attract the audience. So that attracted their ‘curiosity’ and their ‘reflexivity’ is waiting or thinking about that film (if it actually attractive).



Lee, Won-jun. “The Effects Of The Korean Wave (Hallyu) Star And Receiver Characteristics On T.V Drama Satisfaction And Intention To Revisit”. International Journal of u- and e-Service, Science and Technology,Vol.8, No. 11 (2015), viewed 10 March 2017


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