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The Power of Music

It can be deny that music have their own voice and power. Music can make people be happy, but also sad. It’s strongly show not only for happy but also the pain. For the topic of “Music and Resistance”, the powerful of music displaced the pain of people. It can be said that the word on a song is powerful more than just this word.

The effect of the song ‘Senzeni Na?,’ meaning ‘what have we done?’ is not so much achieved by the text itself, as by its repetition, explains musician Sibongile Khumalo: “Can you imagine, that’s one line, Senzeni Na?, ‘what have we done?’, repeated over and over and over… You have no other option but to stand up and go and fight” (Amandla! 2004). Indeed, Soweto’s youth, and numerous artists heeded that message.

Regarding to information of the lecture already gave that the lyrics on song express the devastation of the evacuation.

“Song was a communal act of expression that shed light on the injustices of apartheid, therefore playing a major role in the eventual reform of the South African government.”

“Hendrik Verwoerd (“Architect of Apartheid”) was the subject of a protest song composed by legendary composer Vuyisile Mini. The song, titled “Ndodemnyama we Verwoerd” (“Watch Out, Verwoerd”) became one of the most popular songs in South Africa.”

There is no doubt that Vietnamese’s War also a real example. Music bring to the citizen hope, believe in the future. Music help the soldiers stronger. And music still got hurt for people until these days for the new generation when we listen again. In other words, music also another version of communication, which is easy to get touch to emotion of other people.


Anne, S (2008), The Beat that Beat Apartheid: The Role of Music in the Resistance against Apartheid in South Africa, viewed 31 August 2016, https://stichproben.univie.ac.at/fileadmin


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