BCM111 · Subject

Internationalising education and cultural competence

As an international student who come from Vietnam, I am understanding all the feeling also have some experiences about study abroad. Moreover, nowadays, the number of Vietnamese who come to Australia to study strongly increased.

If the recently released figures on 2013 enrolment are any indication, however, Vietnam is showing renewed signs of strengthening demand for study abroad and may be poised for further growth. (Monitor,2014)

 The common reason that Vietnamese student choose to study abroad although we have to pay an amount of money (except for scholar ship students) is that quality of education and employment opportunities at home and to broaden our horizon. Moreover, we want to learn an internationalising education. Definitely, when we choose to study in another country which is not ours, it can be avoid for the different cultural, lifestyle, weather, especially between the Western and the Orient cultural such as Australia and Vienam.

The top ten destinations for Vietnamese students in 2013 (both secondary and postsecondary) were as follows:

 1.Australia – 26,015 students, up 15.3% over 2012

 2.US – 19,591 students, up 25.8% over 2012

 3.Japan – 13,328

 4.China – 13,000

 5.Singapore – 10,000

 6.France – 6,700

 7.Taiwan – 6,000

 8.UK – 5,118

 9.Russia – 5,000

 10.Germany – 4,600

Choosing study abroad, I have to learn how to adapt to the lifestyle, language also communication. But it can be said that study abroad is a new chance for us to change not only to study but also the way to live such as independent, more confident and improve English, the best common language over the world.

The video below is about the expectation and reality of student who study abroad, of course it is not 100% for all everybody J



ICEF Monitor, Number of Vietnamese students abroad up 15% in 2013, viewed 1 September 2016, http://monitor.icef.com/2014/11/number-vietnamese-students-abroad-15-2013/


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