Assessment 2: Computer Coding Execises – MEDA102

Based on operating instructions from 5-8 weeks, my reasearch and completion of “processing” outline is a static. My idea is from the “196 carres, 197” of Vera Molnar’s artwork. That lots of Squares which change the colours fromt he bottom. Therefore, based on this task, my graphics processor also changed the colour from top to bottom, hoowever, I chose the colour that I like. Continue reading “Assessment 2: Computer Coding Execises – MEDA102”


Crossover Film: Diaspora and Intercultural Cinema

The first thing is “Diasporic Media”- an important part which can play the role of helping socialize migrant communities in to their new environments and familiarizing them, in a less intimidating way, with the host country. Moreover, they have the potential power which advance and improve the confident of individual citizens and communities, so that it can strengthen to reach and take part in produce media. Continue reading “Crossover Film: Diaspora and Intercultural Cinema”