I have a dream – Moving Image Project


Based on Assessment 1 Sound and Assessment 2 Still Image Project, this 60-second video indicated the context of the area build on space and place.

When it comes to all the picture, they are only at the same area and presented the natural view, with the sound, in my opinion, and emotion, I though that it has some connects. The reason is that I when the music started, I feel the power, hope and dream about the future. Moreover, the picture which is showed the foot, I mean this is such like the sentence “I have a dream”, our foot are step by step go on the road’s dream. And when the picture which is had the foot touch to the sky, I feel like the dream had come true.

From day to night, on each soul of each person, I thought that its always had a dream, even they show or hide it, it’s still live in the heart. Because of this reason, I though that in some ways, the sound and the picture are together.

Source sound:

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