Can social media contribute our personal?

 Internet has enabled people to connect and communicate with not only one’s family, but with people across the world. 

Once upon a time, people are living with their real life and based on their action also their behavior with other people on ‘REAL LIFE’. However, nowadays, everything has changed. Why did I say that? Because, if I have to say, I thought that the way new generation(also included me), have some disadvantages aspect.

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Instead of playing together, go to the coffee shop and chatting, the life of nowadays only seen on screen. I realised that we just update status about the problems on Facebook, updated pictures that we go together, however, we are not face to face in real life, because we busy with social media, with our smartphone.

I already have one real example of another friend when he in real life and when he in fake life( I mean on social media life). In real life, he is a shy boy. I am not sure that he shy or just do not like to talk or even he is a discreet person, however, I can not realise him in Facebook’s life. He talks a lot in his keyboard, and I already thought that this is a different person.


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