From citizen journalism to Collective intelligence

Stepping into a 21st century, with the strong develop of life, people nowadays required a high standard living which is not only finance but also the lifestyle- social media- is one of the most widely- enjoyed in all around the world. In other words, social media help people to broaden their horizon, for education, life, work and too many other things.

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When it comes to the topic of this week, I want to define the meaning of each word. Firstly, ‘ citizen journalism’ and secondly, ‘collective intelligence’. For the first noun phrase, citizen it’s means people, ‘ we are’, and journalism, I think everyone all know this, so when put it together, it’s mean we are nowadays can easy to become journalism, and why? Because of social media. Just a photo or some words about the new phenomenon can attracted other people, this can also called citizen journalism, citizen is journalist? About the second phrase, collective intelligence, with the range of information, it easy for people to broaden their horizon, just need to ‘google it’. Because of this, we have to collect it by the intelligence mind, we must know what information we will collect, is it right or reliable.

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