Remix Culture- Replay and Mix it.

Hi, guys! Welcome back to the new topic of this week “ Remix Culture”

When it comes to the definition, what is on my mind is – Replay and Mix it together. I mean from an original song, after replay and mix the music, we can have another song with the new feeling. Actually, I am not the person who enjoy the remix songs, because I think music have some songs that have emotion about sad songs, however when it’s become a remix song, this make the original become weird and lost the meaning. But it’s not all true. As I always said before, everything has two sides. So that sometimes remix can make the song become new, more colourful with another side, another meaning, and feeling, it’s all depends on the feeling of each person.

However, according to the professional definition about what is “remix culture” from Wikipedia, it’s about by default, permissive of efforts to improve upon, change, integrate, or otherwise remix the work of copyright holders(wekipedia.org)

Here’s some example:

One thought on “Remix Culture- Replay and Mix it.

  1. Your blog is really interesting and I liked how you showed the positives and negatives of remixing songs. I don’t agree that remixing a song can cause it to loose its meaning, if anything it is gaining a different meaning and perspective, more specifically that of the creators. Couldn’t you agree that remixing allows for anyone to show their interpretation of content? Really enjoyed your blog, nice work 🙂


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