Transmedia Storytelling: Just a diversity version of media.

Regarding to the next topic of this week, this is about Transmedia Storytelling. As an international student, this is a new word and new information for me, but of course, this is NOT the NEW MEDIA. However, maybe now I can explain by some examples which also the definition of this media à “ Transmedia Storytelling”.

We already have media and multimedia. SO what is Transmedia? And how about Transmedia storytelling?

To the best of my knowledge and all the information that I found, the shortest definition to defines “Transmedia Storytelling” is that the original messages of “ Normal media” become another version such as a film transformed by a fairy tale or video game.

This video below is one of the examples which can be an evidence for my explained. As you already about “Tangled”, an animation film of Disney. After the success of this film, they created “Tangled’s Video Game”, they also have Rapunzel and Flynn by doll’s version.

Moreover, for the familiar example, this is a fairy tales “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which become a real version of people named “Mirror, Mirror” of Tarsem Singh director- first published in 2012. Another version of the film which called “ Snow and the Seven” in 2013 and “Once upon a time” with series. ( Sources: Wikipedia.org)

A special point that Transmedia storytelling has connected by a lot of versions is that- (I will explain also by “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”) in fairy tales and animation, the main scene of this film is about “Snow White” who ate the poison apple and die but she awake because of the kiss of the Prince. So that in the video game, they bring the action of Snow White when she eat the apple ( in stage 1).

Animation( Cartoon)

Film- Movie Version

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and Video Game

Here is the video of the scene of “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs ” of animation, movie version and also video game.


I also found an interesting video clip about “ Transmedia Storytelling” for you guys which can help you understand more about this:

2 thoughts on “Transmedia Storytelling: Just a diversity version of media.

  1. Excellent examples! I also talked about disney when discussing Transmedia narratives but you made a great point when mentioning the live action films aswell. I like how you put the actual videos in the blog post not just links 🙂 They usually don’t like it when we reference wikipedia but I’m sure it doesn’t matter as much with our blog posts so good job on this! Just make sure in other assignments outside of bcm you don’t use Wikipedia – Ash


  2. Hi, what a great blog post! I loved your examples of Disney movies, such as Snow White, and their transformation from a classic film to a modernised version; such as other films and video games. It may be useful not to use Wikipedia as a source, as it can be seen as unreliable. Other than that, well done 🙂


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