This is for Craft & Digital Making

The topic of this week is Craft and Digital making. So first I want to mention about the definition of what is craft and digital making. In my opinion, if we decided into 2 part, one is Craft making and another one is Digital making, it means, something we make it by hand or handwork but it also has the high technique which is digital.

In another word, because we called it Craft so that it need to include creative product which also have digital and we making this so that it’s become – Craft and digital making.

Here are some videos that I found on Youtube for example which concern with this week’s topic:


We are now living in the 21st century, which is modern and high developing of technology equipment so that people nowadays required the life have to more creative. So the product which is made by handwork ( craft) and also have high technology ( digital) will have more attractive. As my personality, I will give more example in my experience is Japanese music. As you already known, a song by a person is just simple, but in Japan, they have the programme that it can sing a song with great melody and voice. This video below will show you more about this:

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