Digital Artefact

3 steps to have a pen-cil case!


  1. Scissor
  2. Paper roll ( I bought in Chineses store in city mall, walk street)
  3. Glue gun
  4. Wood stick ( 8×5)

Step 1: Use glue gun to add wood stick together, 8 wood sticks become 1 piece ( as the picture below)


Step 2: Use 4 pieces we already had and make it stuck together by glue gun again.

Step 3: Use paper rolls with your favorite colour you like to twine around the wood stick case.

And Finish!! Here is the completed product


You can see my video for more details :

Hope you enjoyed!


Based on the website below then I expanded my idea. I really like to use ‘glue gun’ and wood stick. Moreover, because I want to make something that I can use it. So the sources have both glue gun and wood stick but can only use to decoration, then I think I can make it become a pencil-case so that I can keep my pen also to clean up my table.


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