Public Sphere – Where you can share

For this week topic, is the theories that every who living in the 21st century almost knows about. Firstly, I want to talk about the definition of this popular phenomenon called “Public Sphere” which is beginning to shape in public opinion, everyone can join in public sphere exchange the idea or opinion with other people without getting under pressure outside. But it’s not at all the define of this complicated issues.

In my opinion, “Public Sphere”  appeared to have people have their own voice, their own opinion so that they can share the idea. Nowadays, especially adult and a teenager have the popular movement about the blog, which is the video clip of somebody that they want to share their opinion about the hot trend phenomenon. In my country, JV Mines, An Nguy are some people that studied abroad and they are the new generation that can share their opinion on the social media by the video clip and then uploaded so that other people can watch. In addition, they can talk about the love, or which is interested me is the “study abroad” topic, at that time, I want to know about this, so I thought that it’s also helpful for people who want to know clearly about something that it’s not for sure. to the best of my knowledge, I think this is just for a teenager or only for youth, who have trouble or care about this phenomenon, which the vblog’s topic talk about.

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Another opinion about “Public Sphere” that can take into account, which I think suitable for man, is commnets of soccer. Although I’m not know anything about soccer, but in my country, when the soccer season started, I just need to drive my motorbike across the street and it’s easy to me to listened to the channel. I think they also give thier opinion or what they thought about when they were wacth the competition. The show is about soccer competition, but the commentator- I think this is the person who represent for the audience to share their opinion about the competititon. They can show their opinion in the publication where everybody can see them, which cannot appeared in the past.

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I means in the past, the way you talk to other people or share something is not easy. But now, we can easy to talk what we are thinking about and can show for everyone to know what is my opinion about his problem or this issues.




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