Be an intelligent Audience of Media!


Sources image: ph-creative.com


Stepping into the 21st century, we are now easy to become an audience of media by some simple ways. The reason behind this is the fact that if you just click to watch the news of pages on facebook, you already became a media audience of this website. By the another simple example, the person who received information or follows social media is a media audience.

Moreover, because of the significantly increased of media convergences, we are not only become an audience of media but also, media can change our thinking, our generation.

Sources image: Brandchemistry.com.au

In addition, if we cannot control ourselves on media, we can become addicted because we depend on media technology too much.

Because of this, so some tabloids and drone Journalism can take advantages of people. So that we need to precise enough to become a good reader, good audience when we received a new or an information from media.


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