Yuma nakamura, Atlas of Japanese Ostracon(Kitaama Igano, Minamiawaji-sji, Hyogo).

  1. Describe the works: what are the components that make up the exhibit (e.g. still photographs, video stills, screen works, sound etc.)

This exhibition showed the pieces of ancient pottery and ancient book and pictures which are placed in the glass table and also included screen works with sound. Continue reading “EXCURSION ACTIVITY WORKSHEET”


Remix Culture- Replay and Mix it.

Hi, guys! Welcome back to the new topic of this week “ Remix Culture”

When it comes to the definition, what is on my mind is – Replay and Mix it together. I mean from an original song, after replay and mix the music, we can have another song with the new feeling. Continue reading “Remix Culture- Replay and Mix it.”

BCM112 · Digital Artefact

Digital Artefact- Annotated Bibliography-An opportunity to Do It YourSeft

In this Post of this week I will aggregate both of my completed product called “DIY” handmade things that I already found from some sources and then expanded my ideas.


Almost my ideas to “DIY” is from Pinterest and Youtube video tutorial. Based on these guide I can easy to make or find the material to expanded my idea. Such as when I do not know what materials they used to make wood stick together. After watched some videos I realised they use “Glue gun”. Continue reading “Digital Artefact- Annotated Bibliography-An opportunity to Do It YourSeft”


Transmedia Storytelling: Just a diversity version of media.

Regarding to the next topic of this week, this is about Transmedia Storytelling. As an international student, this is a new word and new information for me, but of course, this is NOT the NEW MEDIA. However, maybe now I can explain by some examples which also the definition of this media à “ Transmedia Storytelling”. Continue reading “Transmedia Storytelling: Just a diversity version of media.”


This is for Craft & Digital Making

The topic of this week is Craft and Digital making. So first I want to mention about the definition of what is craft and digital making. In my opinion, if we decided into 2 part, one is Craft making and another one is Digital making, it means, something we make it by hand or handwork but it also has the high technique which is digital.

In another word, because we called it Craft so that it need to include creative product which also have digital and we making this so that it’s become – Craft and digital making.

Here are some videos that I found on Youtube for example which concern with this week’s topic:


We are now living in the 21st century, which is modern and high developing of technology equipment so that people nowadays required the life have to more creative. So the product which is made by handwork ( craft) and also have high technology ( digital) will have more attractive. As my personality, I will give more example in my experience is Japanese music. As you already known, a song by a person is just simple, but in Japan, they have the programme that it can sing a song with great melody and voice. This video below will show you more about this:


Public Sphere – Where you can share

For this week topic, is the theories that every who living in the 21st century almost knows about. Firstly, I want to talk about the definition of this popular phenomenon called “Public Sphere” which is beginning to shape in public opinion, everyone can join in public sphere exchange the idea or opinion with other people without getting under pressure outside. But it’s not at all the define of this complicated issues.

In my opinion, “Public Sphere”  appeared to have people have their own voice, their own opinion so that they can share the idea. Nowadays, especially adult and a teenager have the popular movement about the blog, which is the video clip of somebody that they want to share their opinion about the hot trend phenomenon. In my country, JV Mines, An Nguy are some people that studied abroad and they are the new generation that can share their opinion on the social media by the video clip and then uploaded so that other people can watch. In addition, they can talk about the love, or which is interested me is the “study abroad” topic, at that time, I want to know about this, so I thought that it’s also helpful for people who want to know clearly about something that it’s not for sure. to the best of my knowledge, I think this is just for a teenager or only for youth, who have trouble or care about this phenomenon, which the vblog’s topic talk about.

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Another opinion about “Public Sphere” that can take into account, which I think suitable for man, is commnets of soccer. Although I’m not know anything about soccer, but in my country, when the soccer season started, I just need to drive my motorbike across the street and it’s easy to me to listened to the channel. I think they also give thier opinion or what they thought about when they were wacth the competition. The show is about soccer competition, but the commentator- I think this is the person who represent for the audience to share their opinion about the competititon. They can show their opinion in the publication where everybody can see them, which cannot appeared in the past.

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I means in the past, the way you talk to other people or share something is not easy. But now, we can easy to talk what we are thinking about and can show for everyone to know what is my opinion about his problem or this issues.





DIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and cloth


DIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and cloth


  • 3 Blocks of polymer clay (like thisthis, and this)
  • Cutting knife
  • Cutting mat or board
  • Metallic gold nail polish
  • Strong all purpose glue

Preheat you oven to the temperature suggested on the clay packet.

DIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and clothDIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and cloth

Start by cutting your clay block in half with your knife to make the whole thing thinner. Then cut triangles from this thickness, about an inch tall. These will be your actual holders. Use your knife to cut down the middle from the top of each, just stopping short of the bottom. This will provide the slit for you photos / postcards to sit in.

DIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and cloth

Then cut the remaining clay in half again so it’s left even thinner than before but not so thin that it becomes really flimsy. Cut out medium and small triangles from this new thickness, to be used along with the larger ones later.

Place all of these on a tray lined with foil or baking paper and oven bake for the length of time suggested on the clay packet.

DIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and cloth

Once baked, leave to cool so all the shapes have hardened and then paint the tips with the metallic gold nail polish and leave to dry.

Now you can assemble the mountain holders. Squeeze a little all purpose glue on either corner of a large triangle and sit a medium and small triangle against it to create the look of a mini mountain range. Make sure they sit flat against the ground and leave to dry. Repeat with the remaining shapes and voila!

DIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and clothDIY mini mountain photo or card holders - sugar and cloth

Sources: Sugar&Cloth