Media Industries – The new power


“This will hopefully see an end to outdated media laws that distinctly disadvantage regional television broadcasters.”- Ian Audsley, chief executive.

Actually, I still use media without knowing who ‘owns’ it until studies this topic of BCM110. But, it still does matter who ‘owns’ media After research from some sources, I realised that the person who ‘owns’ the media have the strong effect of many aspects, especially it can relate to politics. In the modern world, the media plays an important role as an integral part of nowadays life experience in the world, not only in western society but also in developing and undeveloped countries. We are surrounded by varieties of media forms through each walking moment of our life, whether television, newspaper, the internet and basically radio where the public can collect all the information which they need. But it raises a crucial question that how the media should be optimally organised and matters if the media is owned or controlled.The influence of owner of media not only sending messages by media to people but also can use their owned to pressuring others different public opinion . He spent money to buy newspaper office or television brand not only makes simple business but also facilitating strong intervention into politics.

-Ken Auletta:“of all the things in your business empire, what gives you the most pleasure?”

-Rupert Murdoch: “being involved with the editor of a paper in a day-to-day campaign…trying to influence people”.

Rupert Murdoch is the person who owns media in Australia. People believed that 70% newspaper in Australia was owned by him (FactCheck, theconversation.com). Although it was a wrong statement, but nobody can deny that Murdoch have really powerful in Media and he is the person who controls the media I use on a daily basis.

Image sources: Adweek

For a real example, in 2013, there was a federal election that Murdoch has had an influence on his politics in the UK. Moreover, he used his newspaper to controls emotion on this election in Australia. In addition, even political leaders knew that Murdoch has his own power on media aspect. This proves that he has the powerhouses of the 2 newspaper offices.

 Another evidences that proves Murdoch’s word have strong power. On 2010, Murdoch has a meeting with Australian Journalism, then he expressed his point of view that he do not like Gillard government. As a result, there was a strong crusade which against Gillard government, especially the case of refugees and climate change.

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