Rainy Day at area 25-Sound Project ( Audio Snap-shot) MEDA 101

My area- 25,at Hopewood Crescent, Fairy Meadow, is a quiet place which make me feel like I’m lost on a country road, but more modern.I did not find any unfamiliar or unusual sound cause it’s a quiet place, with a lot of house was built by not only vintage but also modern style. When I came exactly to my location then sat on the grass, it started to rain.Rain, birds and cars’ sound, which are familiar sound but I do not know why I feel like relaxed and had a peace of mind.However, because it rained so this quite place became a place that has rain sound. This is the reason why I use “ Rainy day” is a name for my sound project.This place does not have any special sound expect the peaceful, so I wonder if living in a hurry’ lifestyle, how many people can sit down just to hear this normal sound and feel peaceful?


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