Media Text- Or Message??

There are too many meaning behind a media text, especially in some advertisement poster. Why did I say something like that? In my opinion, media text appears a lot of in advertisement and education which can touch to the emotion and heart of audiences such as customers or also students. It’s mean company which uses media text to advertising already had their purpose. However, the purpose to give the meaning of their advertisement is to attract their customers. On the other hand, education use media text, which can give meaning messages to the young generation by the different way, not by study in the book or at school, they can teach their children also can help them to relax at the same time.

However, the meaning of the media text on technology or internet also has another problem. This is because it depends on different thinking of an individual person, the message can become another meaning.

Here are some advertisement posters that give the message by media text.


Here we have a Kalnapilis advertisement: a nut and a computer’s mouse with the message” WE’RE FOR THE REAL THING”. The image immediately gives the message behind the nut and computer’s mouse which connect with the slogan. It’s mean beer of this brand is the real thing more than internet and computer. Moreover, the slogan above” TIME TO GET TOGETHER” also means that this beer can connect people together than the computer and the internet which can easy to connect people all around the world. This picture required signifier and connotation which make the customer thinking about the image of their advertisement.

       This picture also of Kalnapilis brand

Creative Advertising Posters

The reason I choose this advertisement is that this is showed very clearly about their purpose and the way they connect the message together. As we can seen from the picture, the salt of out of the bottle is from fish in the sea which can connect to their slogan ” IT’S MARINE, IT’S NATURAL”.Yes, that’s right! It’s from natural that they already indicated fish from the sea which make the salt. The signifier of this advertisement also showed clearly the denotation of the message.


Regarding this advertisement, it is possible to read this image in more than one way. The reason behind this is the fact that from the firstly big slogan, they showed :”BYE BUY”. It’s mean we can say goodbye with the word buy, however, they just change from buy to rent.