The medium is the message?




The changed of media and technology will possible to change people. Message from the medium such as radio, TV, film, and computers can effect to human’s life. Moreover, the radio, newspaper, TV and film are what we invented, however, there are also created us.

The message of what media bring to the world already changed the way of people’s thinking not only on their life but also the future’s world.

Some meaning messages changed a lot of characteristic of young people, change their mind, and to broaden their horizon. For elderly people, they can update generate information.

According to Chad Nantais “ “The Medium is the Message” means that the only way to understand a new technological environment is by studying its effects. For example, if we wanted to understand the medium of the automobile, we would look at how it changed society (eg. introduced car accidents, pollution, gas stations, suburban/commuter lifestyle). In other words, the message of the automobile is the field of effects introduced by the automobile, and more…”



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