Why I am here?


Actually I do not know why I am became a blogging. If I have to explain, I think it’s because I choose to study “ Communication and Media studies”. Although my major is Digital Media, I used to think I will make some technology aspect, study in studio, tv programs, film making, graphic design and photography like the hand course in book introduce. However it’s not like what I am imaging so now I have to create a blog, wrote blog and post every week, which I never think before.

The reason I am here, study abroad in UOW, is to follow my dream. I promise with my mom I will choose what I liked to study, but now, I really disappointed about that. I don’t know how to talk with my mom, “ I already choose what i want to study but it’s not like what I’m thinking???” should I say like that? No way 😦

Although I gave up 2 years study business in my country to go overseas, however, until now, I still study the major which is not suitable for me.

Here is more about me.