New Media & Convergence

There are no doubt that in the past, media only have radio or newspaper. However, stepping into the 21st century, with the state-of-the-art technology and media, we are now having the internet so we can connect to the world everywhere, every time we want. We don’t need to read the newspaper with the traditional way by paper anymore. Now almost people have modern technology such as a smartphone, tablet or Ipad it can replace for a newspaper. We also don’t need to watch TV on the television, now we have Youtube, Google so that we can watch everything we want just by a few minutes to find on the internet. Continue reading “New Media & Convergence”


Media Industries – The new power


“This will hopefully see an end to outdated media laws that distinctly disadvantage regional television broadcasters.”- Ian Audsley, chief executive.

Actually, I still use media without knowing who ‘owns’ it until studies this topic of BCM110. But, it still does matter who ‘owns’ media After research from some sources, I realised that the person who ‘owns’ the media have the strong effect of many aspects, especially it can relate to politics. In the modern world, the media plays an important role as an integral part of nowadays life experience in the world, not only in western society but also in developing and undeveloped countries. We are surrounded by varieties of media forms through each walking moment of our life, whether television, newspaper, the internet and basically radio where the public can collect all the information which they need. But it raises a crucial question that how the media should be optimally organised and matters if the media is owned or controlled.The influence of owner of media not only sending messages by media to people but also can use their owned to pressuring others different public opinion . He spent money to buy newspaper office or television brand not only makes simple business but also facilitating strong intervention into politics.

-Ken Auletta:“of all the things in your business empire, what gives you the most pleasure?”

-Rupert Murdoch: “being involved with the editor of a paper in a day-to-day campaign…trying to influence people”.

Rupert Murdoch is the person who owns media in Australia. People believed that 70% newspaper in Australia was owned by him (FactCheck, theconversation.com). Although it was a wrong statement, but nobody can deny that Murdoch have really powerful in Media and he is the person who controls the media I use on a daily basis.

Image sources: Adweek

For a real example, in 2013, there was a federal election that Murdoch has had an influence on his politics in the UK. Moreover, he used his newspaper to controls emotion on this election in Australia. In addition, even political leaders knew that Murdoch has his own power on media aspect. This proves that he has the powerhouses of the 2 newspaper offices.

 Another evidences that proves Murdoch’s word have strong power. On 2010, Murdoch has a meeting with Australian Journalism, then he expressed his point of view that he do not like Gillard government. As a result, there was a strong crusade which against Gillard government, especially the case of refugees and climate change.

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I also ♥ GADGET



Facebook is now becoming the most popular social media in the world. It does not only help people easy to connect with the world but also get benefits for human’s life. For example, as an international student, although I have to live far away from home, from my country, however, thanks to Media, I can always online, in other words, I can easy to keep in touch with my family and friends. Moreover, just based on 1 media platform is Facebook, we can study, work, I mean we can do a lot of things. For instance, students can find some education page to improve study, women can learn to cook by tasty page, the company can also advertising. In addition, some people already create a study group to discuss so that they can access more information. Recently, facebook now already have the video call, so that we do not need only facetime which just only apple can use.

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Rainy Day at area 25-Sound Project ( Audio Snap-shot) MEDA 101

My area- 25,at Hopewood Crescent, Fairy Meadow, is a quiet place which make me feel like I’m lost on a country road, but more modern.I did not find any unfamiliar or unusual sound cause it’s a quiet place, with a lot of house was built by not only vintage but also modern style. When I came exactly to my location then sat on the grass, it started to rain.Rain, birds and cars’ sound, which are familiar sound but I do not know why I feel like relaxed and had a peace of mind.However, because it rained so this quite place became a place that has rain sound. This is the reason why I use “ Rainy day” is a name for my sound project.This place does not have any special sound expect the peaceful, so I wonder if living in a hurry’ lifestyle, how many people can sit down just to hear this normal sound and feel peaceful?



Media Text- Or Message??

There are too many meaning behind a media text, especially in some advertisement poster. Why did I say something like that? In my opinion, media text appears a lot of in advertisement and education which can touch to the emotion and heart of audiences such as customers or also students. It’s mean company which uses media text to advertising already had their purpose. However, the purpose to give the meaning of their advertisement is to attract their customers. On the other hand, education use media text, which can give meaning messages to the young generation by the different way, not by study in the book or at school, they can teach their children also can help them to relax at the same time.

However, the meaning of the media text on technology or internet also has another problem. This is because it depends on different thinking of an individual person, the message can become another meaning.

Here are some advertisement posters that give the message by media text.


Here we have a Kalnapilis advertisement: a nut and a computer’s mouse with the message” WE’RE FOR THE REAL THING”. The image immediately gives the message behind the nut and computer’s mouse which connect with the slogan. It’s mean beer of this brand is the real thing more than internet and computer. Moreover, the slogan above” TIME TO GET TOGETHER” also means that this beer can connect people together than the computer and the internet which can easy to connect people all around the world. This picture required signifier and connotation which make the customer thinking about the image of their advertisement.

       This picture also of Kalnapilis brand

Creative Advertising Posters

The reason I choose this advertisement is that this is showed very clearly about their purpose and the way they connect the message together. As we can seen from the picture, the salt of out of the bottle is from fish in the sea which can connect to their slogan ” IT’S MARINE, IT’S NATURAL”.Yes, that’s right! It’s from natural that they already indicated fish from the sea which make the salt. The signifier of this advertisement also showed clearly the denotation of the message.


Regarding this advertisement, it is possible to read this image in more than one way. The reason behind this is the fact that from the firstly big slogan, they showed :”BYE BUY”. It’s mean we can say goodbye with the word buy, however, they just change from buy to rent.

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Copyright? Is it right?



A long time ago, people invented something and use together. On the other hand, some products until now such as phone, TV, radio we have to pay for it. Of course, we did. Because this is a result of a long effort and creative to make something special for the human’s life and to help the world.

But I want to talk about the definition of Copyright. So what is Copyright?

According to Ryan Molton, “the exclusive right of a creator to exploit a literary, musical, or other artistic work. whether it be recorded in the form of print, audio, or otherwise.

You can see more in here.



It’s not the Media’s fault!

The purpose of creating media is for entertainment, to send the meaningful message of life, family, society or bring benefits for education and even improve health.


(Image source: vkool.com, Hang Pham)

But, in my opinion, the way people use the wrong purpose for advertisement or worse aim to earn money and it leads to the current anxieties for other people who affected by media.

For example, facebook was made for entertainment, keep in touch with family and friends or share news, pictures for other people who live far away from you. However, the way people use and addicted to it, or they can’t manage their time, this is definitely not media’s fault.


(Image source: Pes Maternelle)


( Image source: Jimake)

We already known that addicted on something is because of we can not control ourselves. For example, if we do not want to check in Facebook, nobody or even media can oblige us.

0905 KitKat 4

( Image source: Addiction treatment)

General, everything always have 2 sides, it’s not all the media fault because media can not know what is wrong and right, only people know clearly about that.


About Me

My name is Han Vo, you can call me ‘Han’. I used to think about an English name, but I feel so confused to choose one, hence, I decided to keep my real name because I think it’s not too difficult for everyone to call me. However, sometimes I feel my name such like the word ‘ hand’ in English ( of course not the meaning ).

I was born in September 12th,1995 so I belong to Virgo(♍). I come from HoChiMinh city, Vietnam. I decided to study abroad because I want to find myself, a little bit strange, but actually, I want to follow my dream, I want to give up everything I used to study in my country and start something new in my life which I dream about. Finally, I chose digital media, however, until now I am not sure how does its look like, but I will try and loved it. If I even don’t try, how can I know what is it, right?

Here’s more about me:

♥ I love “DIY”, especially felt plushie.

♥ I also love to organize and decorate my room, work-desk

♥ I am a big fan of music (I used to learn how to play piano but already given up ). Last week, my mom sent me a Ukulele, so now I am studying it online.

♥ I’m addicted to sour fruits such as guava, green mango, plum (but Vietnamese’s plum).



  This is Vietnamese’s Plum

♥ I love to learn Japanese, I already studied 3 levels of Japanese in my country and I also bring Japanese book when I came to OZ, however, until now I don’t have enough time to continue . I just knew a little bit Korea because I watch a lot of Korea films.

♥ Sometimes, I’ve a little crazy with my close friends but also very shy with others people, especially strangers and new friends. Therefore, I feel really nervous when I go to school these days . Hope I can find a friend to talk…..


The medium is the message?




The changed of media and technology will possible to change people. Message from the medium such as radio, TV, film, and computers can effect to human’s life. Moreover, the radio, newspaper, TV and film are what we invented, however, there are also created us.

The message of what media bring to the world already changed the way of people’s thinking not only on their life but also the future’s world.

Some meaning messages changed a lot of characteristic of young people, change their mind, and to broaden their horizon. For elderly people, they can update generate information.

According to Chad Nantais “ “The Medium is the Message” means that the only way to understand a new technological environment is by studying its effects. For example, if we wanted to understand the medium of the automobile, we would look at how it changed society (eg. introduced car accidents, pollution, gas stations, suburban/commuter lifestyle). In other words, the message of the automobile is the field of effects introduced by the automobile, and more…”



Why I am here?


Actually I do not know why I am became a blogging. If I have to explain, I think it’s because I choose to study “ Communication and Media studies”. Although my major is Digital Media, I used to think I will make some technology aspect, study in studio, tv programs, film making, graphic design and photography like the hand course in book introduce. However it’s not like what I am imaging so now I have to create a blog, wrote blog and post every week, which I never think before.

The reason I am here, study abroad in UOW, is to follow my dream. I promise with my mom I will choose what I liked to study, but now, I really disappointed about that. I don’t know how to talk with my mom, “ I already choose what i want to study but it’s not like what I’m thinking???” should I say like that? No way 😦

Although I gave up 2 years study business in my country to go overseas, however, until now, I still study the major which is not suitable for me.

Here is more about me.